Mathematics Diagnostic Exam (MaDE)

All incoming Tandon students (both first-year and transfer students) MUST take the mathematics diagnostic exam, except for those who qualify for AP credit or A-level Placement. If you qualify for AP credit/A-level Placement, official copies of your AP/A-level scores must be sent to the School of Engineering Admissions Office as soon as possible in order to waive the MaDE requirement. Internal Transfers from other NYU schools are not required to take the MaDE.

Rules and Regulations

Fall 2017 Exam dates

Exam Preparation

All students, without exception, must prove they have the skills required for the courses they wish to take. Our MaDE attempts to discern if the students have ***at their fingertips*** the high school math skills that they'll need to be able to follow their lectures in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. The diagnostic exam results match a student's current skill set to the appropriate MA-UY course.

The MaDE tests students’ current knowledge of the basics of high school trig and algebra (including logs). Students may choose to review the basics of high school trig and algebra (including logs).

Understanding Your Mathematics Diagnostic Exam Result

Department of Mathematics (Brooklyn)