Tandon Math Courses

General Information

The Department of Mathematics offers a variety of first- and second-year math courses throughout the academic year.

A course will be given only if at least 7 students are enrolled at the beginning of the semester.

Some courses have pre-requisites which will be checked for each student at the begin of each semester.


MA-UY 1002 The Art of Mathematics
MA-UY 2414 The Basic Practice Of Statisitcs


MA-UY 0914 Precalculus for Engineers


MA-UY 1054 Calculus I with Pre-Calculus
MA-UY 1154 Calculus II with Pre-Calculus
MA-UY 1024 Calculus I for Engineers
MA-UY 1124 Calculus II for Engineers
MA-UY 1132 Bridge course Calculus II
MA-UY 1324 Integrated Calculus I for Engineers
MA-UY 1424 Integrated Calculus II for Engineers


MA-UY 2054 Applied Business Data Analysis I
MA-UY 2034Elements Of Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations
MA-UY 2114 Multivariable Calculus/Calculus III
MA-UY 2224 Data Analysis
MA-UY 3113 Advanced Linear Algebra and Complex Variables I
MA-UY 3022 Probability II


MA-UY 4423 Introductory Numerical Analysis
MA-UY 4613 Real Analysis I
MA-UY 4623 Real Analysis II


MA-GY 6223Elements of Real Analysis II
MA-GY 7043 Linear Algebra II
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