From: Provost Katherine E. Fleming
Date: March 30, 2017

As of September 1, 2017, the Mathematics faculty at the Tandon School of Engineering will join the Department of Mathematics in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The Courant math department will be the math department for both the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Tandon School of Engineering. The department will be responsible for mathematics classes across the University.

We expect that this merger and the integrated delivery of math curricula, degree offerings, and teaching resources across the University will foster many academic collaborations between faculty in engineering and the mathematical sciences.

The department will now offer two undergraduate degrees -- a BA in Mathematics (offered to the students in the College of Arts and Science) and a BS in Mathematics (offered to students in the Tandon School of Engineering). The coursework for the BS degree will cover a wide breadth of mathematics topics and will require students to specify a component in one field of engineering. In addition, as a result of the merger, the Courant Mathematics Department is considering developing an MS degree in Engineering Mathematics, as an addition to its rich array of graduate programs. Students enrolling in the Engineering Mathematics undergraduate and graduate programs will continue to be Tandon students and receive degrees that will be conferred by Tandon.

I am pleased to acknowledge and thank David McLaughlin, who, as Provost at the time, launched this important collaboration, and his partners, then Courant Director GĂ©rard Ben Arous, Interim Courant Director Richard Cole, and Tandon Dean K.R. Sreenivasan.

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